Collection: G. Gould Basses

As founder and president of Modulus Graphite for almost 2 decades, Geoff Gould was the driving force behind many of the modern innovations which have become standard in the world of guitars and basses.

While at Modulus, he was responsible for the development of the stringed instrument graphite neck (patent #4,145,948), which is widely recognized as one of the most significant structural improvements in neck design in a generation. A wide variety of today's manufacturers utilize this technology, validating Geoff's vision.

Geoff also pioneered the use of the 35 inch scale length for production basses. Being a bass player himself, Geoff knew that low B strings were too floppy. In what seems obvious today, he adopted the then-radical idea of a 35" scale into the heart of Modulus' production basses.

Rocket Music is excited to begin working with Geoff. We expect to start receiving some basses in the fall of 2023.