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Keeley Electronics

Pedal (Keeley) Fuzz Head

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Got a Class A amplifier? This might be what you've been looking for in an overdrive/fuzz box! The blend between the two is simply wonderful! The Fuzz Head is designed to work like Fuzz Face pedals that many players use as a LEAD BOOST. A Fuzz Face can be muddy, lacking note definition, too bassy, and lacking sustain. An overdrive sometimes doesn't give enough or is too smooth. In contrast, our design is transparent, has a better frequency response, and gives you that cutting edge for lead breaks.The Heart of this pedal is a NPN Germanium Transistor.Additional Gain Stage, a Darlington Pair of high gain silicon transistors for tons of volume output. This is great for overdriving tube amps or other overdrive pedals.Buffered output so that it can drive pedals or amps with a nice high current and low impedance signal.True-Bypass--offers you a clean true signal when the pedal is off.Large Blue LED, a Killer Keeley Trademark!Silicon/Germanium Toggle switch. This is like a gain/style switch. The "SI" mode inserts two diodes (one silicon and one germanium in parallel) in the distortion circuit so you can have a modern twist on a vintage sound. It increases the gain and compression a bit for more sustain and for more of an overdrive mode. The "GE" mode is just raw and open sounding!Very Transparent and Dynamic. Taking the best qualities of the germainum designs and the overdrives. Roll back the volume on your guitar for clean sounds, a variety of Tones, Textures, and Natural Fuzz/Overdrive!Internal Drive-Range Control. Let's you set up the Range of the Exteral drive control (FUZZ). Perfect for fine tuning light overdrive tones to raging Fuzz.NEW USERS!!! This control works "backwards": turn it down to lower the resistance and INCREASE DISTORTION, TURN IT UP so it will CLEAN UP.
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