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Pedal (BBE) Two Timer Dual Delay

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The TWO TIMER was inspired by the long discontinued Boss DM-2 Delay. The DM-2 was known for its warm, haunting reverb and tape-like echoes. The TWO TIMER offers two Independent delay times foot switchable via the TIME 1/TIME 2 mode switch. This makes it possible to have one delay setup for a short slapback rhythm sound while another is set to a longer delay for solos.The TWO TIMER is essentially two great analog delays in one compact pedal. The TWO TIMER circuit features a BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) for the warmth and character only analog can deliver, 1% Metal Film resistors for pristine audio quality plus True Hard-Wire Bypass for a clean signal path when the effect is bypassed.Other features include hardwire bypass, LED operation indicator, non-slip rubber bottom, easy-access 9v battery compartment and included external power supply.FeaturesDual Mode Analog DelayDelay Range 0-330ms1% Metal Film resistorsTrue Hard-Wire BypassOn/Off LED status indicatorFive Year Warranty
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