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Pedal (Red Witch) Red Witch Titan Delay

Pedal (Red Witch) Red Witch Titan Delay

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Red Withc's tone wizard, Ben Fulton, has done it again! When he sat down to design a delay pedal, he couldn't just put out a standard, seen-one-seen-them-all delay pedal. No, he created the Titan. The Titan has three delays in one pedal, each with their own delay, feedback and mix controls. But that still wasn't enough for Ben! He also added an effects loop on the first delay so you can add your favorite effect to just that one delay. Finally, Ben added a series/parallel switch which allows you to run the delays in a line (one delay feeding the next) or next to each other (each delay working independently).The tonal possibilities are endless!FeaturesThree digital delays with an analog companderA series/parallel switchThe "D" controls let you set the delay time anywhere up to 800 msecThe "F" controls standa for feedback or regeneration. It determines how many repeats you get each time you play a note. Set it fully counter clockwise for one repeat or set full clockwise to tip it into out of control self oscillation.The "M" controls stand for Mix meaning the blend of wet and dry. Fully counter clockwise will give you only the dry (clean unaffected) signal. Set it fully clockwise and you will get a louder delay repeat than the original signal.

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