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Peluso Microphone Lab, LLC

Peluso PADB Direct Box

Peluso PADB Direct Box

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The PADB Peluso Active Direct Box is an excellent choice to deliver signal from your bass, guitar, keyboard and other piezo-equipped instruments to the board, your DAW, or other signal chain. The low output impedence and phase shift will provide reliable consistent results. With the phase coherence of the PADB you’ll easily blend a mic and a direct signal. The isolation of the output jack from the instrument provides an amazing extended sustain. The PADB Peluso Active Direct Box may be the last direct box you’ll ever need to buy!

  • Full clear tone for basses, guitars, keyboards, and piezo-equipped instruments

  • Solid state circuit delivers a powerful signal with great clarity.

  • Flat frequency response within the audible 20Hz-20KHz range

  • Extended response below 10Hz and above 100KHz

  • Active circuits provides complete circuit isolation

  • 1/4″ Input and isolated Output jacks

  • Gold-plated XLR Output

  • Automatic ground sensing

  • Transformerless balanced output

  • 48V Phantom powered

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