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G&L SB-1 Shell Pink MP, B-STOCK

G&L SB-1 Shell Pink MP, B-STOCK

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A comedy of shipping errors has left me with this mint condition G&L SB-1. This was a special order for a great guy in the UK who unfortunately had to endure about 6 months of "where's my bass?" I shipped it to him and it got to the UK, but the UK postal service claims that the shipping label must have become dislodged. They eventually auctioned it off, and the bass quickly made its way to eBay where it was discovered and brought to the attention of my customer. We acted quickly and persistently to recover the bass with the help of the UK postal service and the cooperation of the guy who purchased it at auction. Thank goodness!

Unfortunately, the thrill was gone for my customer by that point. He never even got to see or hold his dream bass, he just wanted his money back. So many months into this saga, the bass finally arrived back here in Blacksburg, VA. It made the trip back to me with the case just wrapped in bubble wrap, no box. So the case has a couple of small gouges and it is a little worn. The bass itself, however, is in mint condition.

The bass does have CLF Research knobs on it and a set of Rotosound strings. That was all part of the special order for my customer; I installed that stuff as soon as the bass arrived from the G&L factory. The original knobs and strings were included in the case when I shipped it to the UK, but they got lost somewhere along the way.

It's technically brand new, so full warranty will be in effect. However, I'm going to sell this one as a B-Stock item since the case is a little rough. First come, first serve!

This bass weighs 7.1 lbs.


  • MODEL: SB-1 ($2000 MSRP)
  • BODY WOOD: Empress (+$143 MSRP)
  • BODY FINISH: Shell Pink
  • PICKGUARD: 3-Ply White
  • NECK PROFILE: G&L Medium C - 1.5" Nut (+$72 MSRP), 9.5" Radius
  • NECK WOOD: Quartersawn Maple Neck (+$143 MSRP) w/ Matching Fingerboard
  • NECK FINISH: Satin Clear
  • FRETS: Medium Jumbo
  • NECK OTHER: Black Pearl Face Dots
  • NUT: Bone
  • TUNERS: G&L Ultralite Tuners w/ Aluminum Tapered String Posts
  • PICKUP: G&L SB-1 Split-Coil, Black
  • BRIDGE: G&L Saddle Lock with chrome-plated brass saddles
  • KNOBS: CLF Research
  • CONTROLS: Volume, Tone
  • CASE: Hardshell Case Included
  • TOTAL MSRP: $ 2358
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