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Alembic, Inc.

Alembic CX-3/45S 4-String Bass Strings Short Scale

Alembic CX-3/45S 4-String Bass Strings Short Scale

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Alembic CX3 Med 45-105 Short

Remember how you felt the first day you played your Stanely Clarke model? Maybe it's time to change your strings. CX-3 strings ship on every new Alembic. The final wrap has an elliptical profile which wears your frets less than a roundwound. Made specifically for Alembics with a 30.75 inch short scale length.


medium gauge: .045 - .065 - .080 - .105

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SPECIAL - While supplies last!

I had a set of these short scale strings get returned recently with an E string that has obviously been wrapped around a post. If it's been cut, it wasn't cut much: there is still plenty of string. The other 3 strings are still factory fresh. None of the strings have been played, the E string is just a bit bent where it went around a tuning post. The customer had a 34" scale bass, and realized too late that this is a short scale set. Anyway, I'm knocking $10 off this one set, first come first serve. Use discount code CX-3/45S_10_OFF at checkout to access that deal.

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