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CIOKS C8 Expander

CIOKS C8 Expander

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The CIOKS 8 Expander is a switch-mode power supply expander that features 8 isolated outlets which each deliver 9V DC at 660mA. All outlets offer four selectable voltages (9, 12, 15 or 18V).

CIOKS 8 was mainly designed to be used as a large extension to the DC7 power supply in case you need more outlets. If you want to use CIOKS 8 as an extension to the DC7, simply connect CIOKS 8 to the courtesy 24V outlet on your DC7 with the included 24V DC Link cable.

If you are looking for a super powerful power supply setup to power a large pedalboard, the combination of CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8 will definitely be an awesome solution where this combo will give you 15 isolated outlets in total plus a 5V USB outlet to charge your smartphone or tablet.

What’s in the box?

  • CIOKS 8 power supply
  • 1x 24V EIAJ-05 kabel
  • 12 Flex cables:
  • Type 1 – black with 5,5/2,1mm centre negative DC plug x7
  • (1 x 1015 Flex Cable, 3 x 1030 Flex Cable, 2 x 1050 Flex Cable, 1 x 1080 Flex Cable)
  • Type 2 – red with 5,5/2,1mm centre positive DC plug x1
  • Type 4 – green with 5,5/2,5mm centre positive DC plug x1
  • Type 5 – black with 3,5mm tip positive Jack plug x1
  • Split Flex type 1 – black, powers two pedals of a single outlet x1
  • 3-way daisy chain Flex 1 x1
  • Pedalboard mounting hardware: 2 screws and a hex key
  • Manual
  • Product sheet (drill template)
  • Flex guide
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