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CIOKS CIO-4080 Type 4 Flex Angled Power Cable - 31 inch

CIOKS CIO-4080 Type 4 Flex Angled Power Cable - 31 inch

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The 5.5/2.5mm DC plug with 10mm barrel make this cable is suitable for:

  • All Eventide Factor and H9 pedals
  • Older 4-button modeling Line 6 pedals (DL4, DM4, MM4, AM4, and FM4)
  • Older 18V-, 24V, or 40V Electro-Harmonix pedals
  • 1st/4th-edition DigiTech Whammy
  • DigiTech Talker, JamMan v1, JamMan Stereo v1, Delay, TimeBender, HarmonyMan, Expression Factory, and Space Station
  • Voodoo Lab Control Switcher
  • Line 6 M9 and M13
  • Boomerang Phrase Sampler and Chorus Delay
  • Foxrox Captain Coconut
  • Rocktron All Access MIDI Controller
  • Many AC-powered H&K, Mesa Boogie, and Yamaha Pedals


  • 31-inch/80-centimeter Type 4 Flex cable for CIOKS power supplies
  • L-shaped plug and 10mm barrel
  • Center positive
  • Greenconnectors
  • Type 4 - 5.5/2.5mm DC plug center positive, L Shape. 80cm green
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