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G&L Fullerton Deluxe Rampage 24 Ivory / Ebony

G&L Fullerton Deluxe Rampage 24 Ivory / Ebony

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The G&L Rampage is back with 24 frets for a full two octaves of shred. The unmistakable shape of the original Rampage still rings true, as the cutaways have been carefully extended to access those extra two frets. Moreover, a thoughtfully sculpted heel and added relief behind the lower cutaway make this Rampage more comfortable than ever before.

There’s another first for Rampage, and that’s an Original Floyd Rose vibrato with matching Floyd Rose locking nut and string retainer. But there’s one important thing that’s unchanged since last time around, and that’s a G&L AW4370 Alnico humbucker, made with 43 gauge wire and 7000 turns for that sweet spot of added grind while retaining some classic character.

The body is made of mid-weight alder, so it still has enough density to offer strong sustain and resonance but not so heavy as the original, soft, maple body of the Rampage.

Rampage 24 comes in classic Ivory finish or Jet Black with matching headstocks. Both colors are available with maple or ebony fingerboards with a comfortable 12” radius, Plek processed medium jumbo frets, and a sleek, fast-playing profile based on the original '80s G&L Rampage.

This particular guitar is Ivory and Ebony. It weighs 7.3 lbs.

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