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G&L JB Midnight Blue Metallic / Ebony

G&L JB Midnight Blue Metallic / Ebony

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Here's a brand new G&L JB in Midnight Blue Metallic. Upgrades include an Empress body, an Ebony fretboard and a White Pearloid pickguard.

The JB is G&L's take on the iconic jazz bass, one of the most popular bass guitars ever made. The pickups are true single coils, so the tone is clear, crisp and powerful. With its classic design and modern features, the G&L JB delivers unparalleled performance.

The JB features the largest body of any G&L bass, so weight can be a concern. We chose Empress wood for the body on this one, though, so it's nice and light at just 7.9 lbs.

6/16/23 - G&L just announced a price drop today, so I've dropped the price of this bass from $2675 to $2324. That price is for a JB ($2149) with an Empress body (+$100) and an Ebony fretboard (+$75).

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