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Genzler Amplification, LLC

Genzler BA2-210-3SLT, Bass Array SERIES 2 2x10 Cabinet

Genzler BA2-210-3SLT, Bass Array SERIES 2 2x10 Cabinet

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The new BA2-210-3SLT (slant version) is identical to the original straight cabinet design, and now with all new Italian-designed premium Neodymium loudspeakers advances the Bass Array’s widely accepted unique approach to bass instrument loudspeaker reproduction.  Overall tonal characteristics include defined, deep and broad lows, smooth mid-range character, seamlessly transitioning to extended top-end clarity.


Although the same size as many 2 x 10” and tweeter cabinets, this innovative design blends the punch and quickness of premium Neodymium dual 10” drivers, in a vented bass reflex enclosure, and the performance and pattern control of a 4 x 3” Neodymium paper cone driver line array element.

The placement of the line array in front of, and between the 10” woofers provides an extremely broad projection pattern, immediate quickness and articulation that is not possible with standard 2×10” designs.  Also due to line array principles the all-important mid and high frequencies have a much wider horizontal dispersion with a more controlled vertical pattern. This offers the most even projection possible around the perimeter of the stage and audience.

This innovative design blends the benefits of a dual 10″ vented bass reflex design with the performance and pattern control of a 4 x 3” Neodymium driver line array element.  The benefits of combining both design elements in an extremely compact cabinet are exponential for the player:

  • Full, deep, low frequency response from the high efficiency 10” woofers — doing what they do best.
  • Smooth, seamless, clear, and articulate mid-range to high frequency transition across the audio spectrum.
  • Broad horizontal dispersion far exceeding conventional woofer/tweeter combinations.
  • And now, the NEW SERIES 2 update offers even more advancements with increased power handling, broader frequency response, more detail, mid-clarity, definition, and extended top-end, all in an even lighter-weight cabinet.

What this means in the context of performance is the most focused, defined, musically smooth and seamless response possible throughout the cabinet’s entire broad-range bandwidth.

The BA2-210-3SLT slanted cabinet design further enhances the benefits of the BA concept adding a new level of dispersion and projection, either when being used as a single enclosure or in combination with the straight BA2-210-3STR, BA-2-410-3 or additional slanted BA cabinets.  This offers multiple options to the player to configure their stack for the best coverage of the stage and performance venue.

The BA2-210-3SLT cabinet features include:

  • Neodymium 10” Woofers w/4 x 3” Neodymium Line Array Drivers
  • Ported Cabinet Design
  • Cabinet Built w/Lite-ply & Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Side Mounted, Metal, Recessed Handles
  • Dual Speakon® and ¼” Input Jacks


Power Handling 600 Watts
Frequency Response 40-18K Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1M 100 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohm
Crossover Frequency 800 Hz
Weight LBs. 32
Dimensions – HxWxD 16″ x 23″ x   19 3/8″


Shipping Data:

  • Carton Dimensions:  27”H x 22”W x 22”D
  • Shipping Weight:  38 Lbs

Speaker Components:

  • Two — Premium Neodymium 10″ loudspeakers utilizing a fiberglass former voice coil with a unique dual-wound (inside/outside winding) design for increased power handling and thermal capacity.
  • Four — Premium Neodymium 3″ full-range, mid/high cone drivers utilizing a fiberglass former voice coil, a unique dual-wound (inside/outside winding) design for increased power handling and thermal capacity. These drivers are loaded into a sealed line array stack.

Input Panel/Crossover Network:

  • Custom designed 6 dB/octave slopes in balance with the acoustical controls of each enclosure.
  • Two — Speakon® NL-2 connector and two – ¼” sealed jacks; to reduce rear cabinet air loss and noise.


  • Cabinet Built w/Lite-ply & Baltic Birch Plywood
  • Heavy-duty textured black vinyl.
  • Black metal corners and heavy-duty metal recessed handles. Custom, curved grille with a unique center “pleat” to protect the array column.
  • Large rubber feet.
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