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Hipshot 5-String KickAss Bass Bridge

Hipshot 5-String KickAss Bass Bridge


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At first blush, the KickAss might seem like a simple, heartfelt tribute to Leo Quan’s BadAssV. A closer look, however, reveals significant improvements under the hood that put this bridge in a class of its own. We worked hard to ensure that the KickAss possesses the soul of the beloved original while also being so much more.

  • Adjustable string spacing from a narrow .656" [17mm] to a wide .750" [19mm] and anywhere in between thanks to fully adjustable pre-notched brass inserts
  • Replacement stainless steel saddle inserts (available here) emphasize overtones and treble frequencies
  • Features recessed string ball holes for a sleeker, sexier look
  • Available in chrome, black, gold and nickel finishes
  • Mount style 1 retrofits the original BadAss® hole pattern
  • Mount style 2 retrofits Fender® Squier® hole pattern

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Mount Style 2 Dimensions


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