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Joe Barden Engineering

Joe Barden S-Deluxe Set (Black)

Joe Barden S-Deluxe Set (Black)

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S-Style Deluxe Pickups are the Strat-equivalent to Barden's dual blade Danny Gatton Tele pickups.  Available for the bridge position and neck/ middle positions, the tone of S-Deluxe pickups is absolutely Strat in character, but with greatly expanded fidelity and a balanced frequency response. All hum-free, the “in-between” positions are wonderfully hollow, the neck and middle positions are bell-like and glassy, and the bridge pickup has the strength, snap, and twang typically experienced only in Telecasters.  Due to the incredible sensitivity of S-Deluxe pickups, a wide range of tones and output levels are available simply by adjusting the distance of the pickup from the strings.

All S-Deluxe pickups are designed to fit standard Strat body routs with no modifications to the instrument.  S-Deluxe pickups use high-quality 4-conductor shielded cable to allow for any possible wiring combination, and are supplied with treble bleed and tone capacitors, mounting screws and wiring diagrams.

Please note that these are the original style S-Deluxe pickups, they do not have the gold JBE logo on them. The photo is an accurate representation.

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