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Suhr microMIDI Control

Suhr microMIDI Control

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A MIDI controllable footswitch replacement, giving your amps with mechanical footswitches access to MIDI control.

Amplifiers, pedals, or any device that has a footswitch, such as the PT15, or the Suhr Bella can gain the ability to switch amp channels, bypass amp reverb/boost, set delay tap tempos for pedals, and more.*

Easily control the two switches on the TRS jack using MIDI from your MIDI foot controller, your DAW, or other MIDI devices. The Suhr microMIDI Control can also allow you to add control jacks to basic MIDI switchers with no available control jacks.

*Amps or pedals that use proprietary circuitry in their footswitches may not be compatible.

Connect Any MIDI switching device.

The microMIDI Control can accept either Program Change or Control Change commands and has the ability for momentary, latching, pulse switching, and pre-determined combinations of the two switches.

Connect to Any Amp or Pedal with Mechanical Switching.

Optically isolated, preventing ground loops in systems whose switch control jacks aren’t isolated from the switcher.

Latching, momentary (using CC#s), and pulse options of both TIP and RING switches.

Suhr microMIDI Control. Take Control, Today.

The smallest of its kind available today, making it easier than ever to add to a pedalboard or hide behind an amplifier.


Suhr microMIDI Control User Guide

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