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USED 1997 Ken Smith BSR5GB-MW

USED 1997 Ken Smith BSR5GB-MW

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We have this 1997 Ken Smith bass on consignment from the original owner. The bass is in very good condition. Also included is the original hardshell case and paperwork. The case was never used because the owner preferred a gig bag, so it's also in very good condition.

Because they might not be obvious in the photos, here are some condition things I feel I should mention:

  • There is a gouge where the guy rested his thumb on the neck pickup. The finish is worn away, and there's a bit of wood missing. So it's not just a simple finish touch-up.
  • One of the neck bolts is pretty crusty, and I don't think there's any polishing that will bring that back. That should be pretty cheap to replace, though.
  • The bridge is a little tarnished. I'm not sure if that will polish back to 100% or not, but I suspect it would. I don't see any obvious flaking or pitting.
  • There is some wear on the pickup covers where the strings have made contact over the years.

And here are some things that I don't think really need to be mentioned, but I will anyway:

  • You can feel the different neck laminations on the back of the neck. This has happened with every multi-lam neck I've ever owned, so I don't really consider it a defect. You could sand it back and refinished the neck, but you'd be right back here the next time the seasons change.
  • There are a handful of minor dings. Again, to my mind this is to be expected on a 25-year-old bass. I can catalog them more precisely if you're at all concerned about that.

This bass weigh 9.5 lbs.

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